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Your Weekly Finance Snippets

Tribe's Weekly
Tribe's Weekly
Welcome to the second issue of “Weekly Finance Snippets” where every Sunday, we promise to bring you curated finance resources and tips, from all over the web, straight to your inbox.
Quote of the week
Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.
From the legendry Benjamin Franklin.
One of the founding fathers of the United States, Franklin was a statesman, diplomat, investor and what not! Quoted by him in the 18th century, this evergreen line sums up the concept of savings so simply and effectively. Some unnecessary expenses you can cut are:
  • Unnecessary cable and entertainment subscriptions
  • That extra fast food shop you stop at, when you aren’t even hungry
  • Impulsive online shopping - it’s such a drug!
Recommended Article / Trending
This week, Cody from Contrarian Thinking brings to us why Robert Kiyosaki may be wrong and how his ideas may not apply a 100%! She also talks about The Investor Matrix, which makes you realize about the 4 types of investors that exist and how to navigate your way through it.
YouTube Video
Everyone is wondering about why the share price of Avenue Supermarts, such a super successful retailer is heading downwards, even when people are hoarding supplies in the fears of lockdown. Watch Shashank Udapa break it down:
DMart Q3 Result Update | Why are companies Downgrading Dmart? Weekend Research with Shanks
DMart Q3 Result Update | Why are companies Downgrading Dmart? Weekend Research with Shanks
Podcast Episode
For this week’s podcast, we bring to you from Paula Pant’s ‘Afford Anything’, an episode that talks about how you can gauge the markets to find out the right time to invest, a universally unanswered question. Dive in:
Have a great week!
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Tribe's Weekly
Tribe's Weekly

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